Retro 3 Piece Pub Set

Coaster Retro 3 Piece Pub Set

Retro 3 Piece Pub Set

  • 30" x 41.75" H Pub Table
  • 19" x 30" H Pub Stools
  • Constructed with steel & MDF
  • Perfect so have a place to sit and put drinks
  • Table color options Black and White
  • Stool color options Black, White, Red

Pub Table & Stool Set

Coaster Pub Table and Stool Set

Pub Table & Stool Set

Various styles and colors of different pub sets available.

Heritage Wood 3 Piece Pub Set

Heritage 3 Piece wood Pub Set

Heritage Wood 3 Piece Pub Set

  • 30" x 42" H - Pub Table
  • 17 3/4" x 17 3/4" x 41" H - Backed
  • 17 3/4" x 17 3/4" x 30" H - Unbacked 
  • Choice of stools
  • Solid Construction
  • Available: Black Cherry, Nutmeg, Black Onyx, Port

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Garage Conversion Options

Wall Paint

wall paint, garage conversion

We can convert your garage into an inviting extra room in your home!  Wall paint adds color and visual interest, we can paint the walls with 2 colors or 1 color!

Floor Paint

epoxy floor paint, speckles, garage conversion

Easy maintenance keeps the room looking great and we can paint your floor to add more color and easy to clean up!  We paint the floor with an epoxy concrete floor paint and add speckles for more color.  If needed a seal coat can be added.

Insulate Garage Door

Garage Conversion, insulate garage door

Insulate your garage door to help keep the space cooler in our hot Florida Summers.

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains, garage conversion

Want to hide that garage door?  We can hang thermal curtains that will hide the garage door and help keep more heat out of the garage! 

Air Conditioner Options

A/C options, garage conversion, portable AC, mini split A/c

A/C for your Garage Games Room

Portable A/C

14,000 BTU Portable A/C

Vented to outside

Designed cool 500 sq ft.(20 ft. x 25 ft)

Sized for Game Room

3-speed fan  

Digital controls 

Mini Split A/C Unit

14,000 (1 Ton) BTU Permanent A/C

Carrier Ductless

Split Ductless Air Condition 

Ultra quiet and superior efficiency


Build Outs


Want to hide that water heater or create an owners closet?  Want to sheetrock the walls to cover the cement brick?  We can custom build these to create a custom garage conversion.