Game Rooms for the Orlando, FL, Area

Minion themed game room

 Do you want a dedicated game room for your vacation rental? Not only will this be a fun place for you and your family to gather but also will be a great advertising point for prospective renters such as families, gamers, and large groups of friends. Depend on Florida Villa Entertainment Services for quality game rooms for all your Orlando, FL, vacation rentals. 

Why Should I Get a Game Room?

Instead of clogging up closets with board games or essential living spaces with pool tables, choose a specific room for your game room. This way, you'll be able to escape to your favorite game while you're on vacation or allow renters to enjoy fun games while they relax at your rental. 

What Does a Game Room Include?

 Most game rooms include table games such as pool tables, foosball, air hockey, or table tennis. Other game rooms include arcade games, tables for board games, and seating and media centers for video games. 

How Can Florida Villa Entertainment Services Help?

At Florida Villa Entertainment Services, we know that each project is different. That's why we personalize each game room to your preferences and surrounding décor. Our designer works with you and, based on the games you want and your personal design preferences, chooses a design that can be anything from a family-friendly gathering space or a serious gamer haven.

We can help choose the layout of the game room space, the wall décor, and the overall feel of the room itself. No game room project is too small or big, and we do everything in our power to gain your 100% satisfaction.

In addition, we have all the necessary equipment to make your game room look amazing. We offer everything from tabletop games to seating sets.

Whether you're the owner of a vacation rental or the management company for multiple vacation rentals, we work with you. Contact us today at 407-238-2389 to start on your game room design today.