Custom Themed Rooms in Kissimmee, FL

Custom Wall Paint

An example of custom themed rooms in Kissimee, FL

Looking to add some charm to your home?  We can custom paint your home to include borders. We can help you design this.

Looking for Stripes?

accent wall paint

We can create interest with stripes on any wall with color!

Have a Specific Theme?

themed rooms

We can do a specific theme weather sports or characters to any room.

Full Wall Mural

wall murals themed rooms

Themed rooms with wall murals are a wonderful way to create that dreamy space with your home decor!  We can do full wall murals, room decor and check out the ceiling paint too!

Wall Murals

wall mural themed rooms

Looking to add a theme we can do a smaller wall mural with trim around it and create a fun kids room!

Did you say PUTTING GREEN?

putting green

Yep, we can add a putting green to your yard!  Get those guests coming back year after year!

Interior Designer Rebecca Olson